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Client Testimonials

K. G.
Coldwell Banker/Realty Plus

I have worked with InspectOhio, Inc for over 15 years.  I worked with Calvin prior to this when he was with another inspection company.  I highly recommend InspectOhio, Inc.  They are credible, reliable and dependable.  We have always worked very well together.

Dr. R. N.

I've had other companies in one of my properties to treat for roaches.  But, after months of treatment the problem was still there.  I asked Mr. Lee w/InspectOhio, Inc to please come and see if he could solve the problem.

First, he started explaining to me where roaches regularly hide and in which rooms they prefer.  Within a couple of hours we saw roaches coming out and eating the bait.  

To make a long story short I no longer have roaches where he treated.  Thank you and I appreciate the quick response and courteous attention. 

T. C.
Mortgage Loan Officer

I've been a mortgage loan officer for the past few years and occasionally people come to me for advice on whether or not they should have a home inspection done.  I always tell them that with such an important investment that they not only should have it done for their own peace of mind, but want to be sure they use someone who's dependable and will do a professional job.  I have had very good service from InspectOhio, Inc throughout my tenure and would definitely recommend their services!