InspectOhio LLC
General Home Inspections

What's Inspected

General Home Inspections
Grounds (fences, gates, porches, decks, patios)
Exterior Walls (siding, exterior cover, trim, doors, chimney, windows, garage, foundation)
Roof (roof covering and structure, gutters)
Attic (sheeting, truss or rafter supports, vents, chimney, insulation, venting)
Plumbing (supply lines, waste lines, bath fixtures, water heater)
Heating System (furnace, boiler, baseboard units, venting, infrared test.  The primary heating source)
Air Conditioning System (condensing unit, lines, venting, infrared test where possible)
Electrical (drop or entrance cable, main panel, sub panels, visible wiring, fixtures, outlets and switches)
Interior (doors, windows, baths, walls, ceilings, floors, fireplace, stairs, basement, crawlspace)
Kitchen and Laundry (appliances, cabinets)

Other Closing Inspections
Pest Inspections.  We inspect for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powderpost beetles.  Should any of these pests be found infesting the structure, we are licensed by the state of Ohio to treat.
Gas Line Inspections.  Gas lines that are fully accessible will be electronically tested and visually inspected for leaks.  
Septic Inspections.  Where possible the interior of the tank is inspected.  Distribution boxes are located and checked.  The leach field or drainage system is dye tested.  House drain lines are checked for blockage.  Approximately 50-100 gals of water is run through the septic system.  Aeration systems are inspected similarly but without the dye test and the motor is tested for proper operation.
Water Sampling.  Well water samples are taken and submitted to an approved EPA lab to test for the presence of bacteria.  FHA sampling is also provided when needed to test for bacteria, nitrates, nitrites and lead.

We also provide FHA/VA/USDA-Rural Development inspection certifications.